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Ten Things Polish People Hate

Ten Things Polish People Hate

Poland, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and spirited culture, has given the world much to admire. However, just like any nation, there are certain things that ruffle the feathers of its citizens. Here are ten things that many Polish people hate:

Ten Things Polish People Hate

Mispronouncing Polish Words

The Polish language has its intricacies, and locals truly appreciate it when foreigners make an effort. But butchered pronunciations, especially of commonly known words or places, can be irksome. “Warszawa” is not “War-saw-wa”, and “Pierogi” is not “Pie-roggy”.

Jokes about Polish Stereotypes

Whether it’s “Polish jokes” or stereotypical views about the country’s past, these often incorrect and outdated stereotypes don’t sit well. Poland has a rich history and has made significant contributions to art, science, and global culture. Pigeonholing them into stereotypes diminishes these accomplishments.

Overcrowded Tourist Spots

While Poland welcomes tourists with open arms, places like Krakow’s Main Square or Warsaw’s Old Town can become extremely crowded during peak season. Locals often avoid these spots or grumble about the throngs of visitors blocking their usual routes.

Queue Jumping

Respect for queues runs deep in Polish culture. Cutting in line or not waiting one’s turn can earn you a stern look or even a sharp word from locals.

Ignoring History

Poland has a complex and often tragic history. From the partitions to World War II, the nation has faced many challenges. Glossing over or trivializing these significant events shows a lack of respect for the country’s past.

Cold Dinners

Traditional Polish cuisine focuses heavily on warm, hearty meals. Serving cold food, especially when guests are around, isn’t something Poles usually appreciate. A steaming plate of Bigos or Barszcz always hits the right spot.

Being Unpunctual

Punctuality matters in Polish culture. Arriving late to meetings or social gatherings, without a valid reason, is seen as discourteous. If you’re meeting a Polish friend or colleague, it’s always best to be on time.


Poland boasts beautiful landscapes, from the Tatra Mountains to the Baltic Sea coastline. Many Polish people take pride in their natural heritage and dislike those who litter or harm these environments.

Comparing Poland to Other Countries

While it’s natural for people to draw comparisons, insisting that “things are better in…” can be irritating. Poles are proud of their unique identity and don’t always appreciate constant comparisons to neighboring nations.

Not Taking Off Shoes Indoors

In many Polish households, it’s customary to remove one’s shoes before entering. Walking around with outdoor shoes inside someone’s home can be seen as inconsiderate.

These Things Polish People Hate, they offer insight into the values and traditions that the Polish hold dear: respect for history, pride in their unique culture, and a love for their beautiful country. If you’re planning to visit or do business in Poland, keeping these points in mind can go a long way in building bridges and forging strong relationships.