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Ten Strangest Dishes You Can Try in Australia

Ten Strangest Dishes You Can Try in Australia

Australia, known for its diverse landscapes and unique wildlife, is also a place where culinary creativity knows no bounds. While many traditional Australian dishes like meat pies and lamingtons are beloved staples, the country also boasts some rather unusual and exotic culinary offerings. In this article, we’ll explore ten of the strangest dishes you can try in Australia.

Ten Strangest Dishes You Can Try in Australia

Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo meat is a unique Australian delicacy that might raise eyebrows among visitors. Despite the initial shock, kangaroo meat is low in fat, high in protein, and considered sustainable. It’s often served as steaks, sausages, or in pies, and has a gamey flavor similar to venison.

Witchetty Grubs

Witchetty grubs are a traditional Indigenous Australian food. These fat, white larvae are found in the roots of witchetty bushes and are often eaten raw or lightly cooked. They have a nutty, almond-like flavor and are rich in protein and fat.

Crocodile Meat

Crocodile meat is another unusual protein source in Australia. It’s lean and white, with a mild flavor reminiscent of chicken or fish. You can find it in various dishes like crocodile skewers, burgers, and even sausages.


While Vegemite isn’t an exotic ingredient, its taste can be a bit strange for those unfamiliar with it. This dark brown spread is made from yeast extract and is typically spread on toast or crackers with butter. It has a salty, umami flavor that’s either loved or loathed by Australians.

Balmain Bugs

Balmain bugs are a type of small lobster found along the eastern coast of Australia. These crustaceans have a sweet and delicate flavor, often enjoyed grilled or served in seafood platters.

Emu Meat

Emu, one of Australia’s iconic flightless birds, is also on the menu. This meat is lean and low in fat, with a gamey taste. It’s typically served as a steak, jerky, or in sausages.


While not strange in the ingredients used, lamingtons might seem a bit odd in concept. These sponge cake squares are coated in chocolate icing and desiccated coconut. Often served at gatherings and events, they have a unique, satisfying texture and flavor.

Prawn Cocktail Potato Chips

Australians have a penchant for creating unusual chip (crisp) flavors, and prawn cocktail chips are no exception. These potato chips are flavored to taste like the classic prawn cocktail appetizer, combining the flavors of shrimp, tomato, and creamy sauce in one crispy bite.


Damper is a simple Australian bush bread traditionally cooked over a campfire. Made from basic ingredients like flour, water, and salt, it has a dense, doughy texture. Often is served with butter or golden syrup and is a rustic, hearty treat.

Crocodile Pizza

In some Australian eateries, you can find crocodile meat as a pizza topping. This unconventional twist on pizza offers a unique combination of flavors, blending the reptile’s mild taste with traditional pizza ingredients like tomato sauce and cheese.

These “Ten Strangest Dishes You Can Try in Australia”: culinary diversity and adventurous spirit when it comes to food. While some might find these dishes a bit unusual or exotic, they are an integral part of Australia’s culinary heritage and culture. When visiting this remarkable country, don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting. You might discover a surprising new favorite among these unconventional delights.